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Tips for Selecting a Monument

#1- Our job is to educate you to make an informed decision. Take the time you need before going to your local retailer to select a monument. Only you know when the time is right to purchase a monument.


#2 – Your loved one was special; The monument you choose should portray that uniqueness.


#3 – There are important differences in colors and finishes which cannot be observed except by seeing and touching the real thing. It is important to do business with an established monument dealer.

Selecting A Monument Before Death

Planning ahead, allows you to select the style, size, and color you prefer. A personalized design which you help to create can reflect your beliefs, values, or whatever is meaningful to you.


Arnet’s Monuments will work with you to create the monument that is right for you. Who knows better what is right for you than yourself? Always remember-you have the right to choose!

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