Memorials that extend beyond the Cemetery

All Patten Monuments include complimentary Monumark service.

It provides Patten’s guarantee of workmanship and can tell visitors more about your loved one.

When your monument is delivered, simply scan the tag in the corner and add just basic info. It takes only a few minutes. You can update it whenever it’s convenient.



Tell Their Story
Record and share your loved one’s story. Tell others what this person meant to you, their family, and friends.

Share Your Memories
Share your photos and video. Capture the essence of their life, where it took them, their challenges, triumphs, and interests.

Preserve the Location
Designate the location with GPS, ensuring that the spot is never lost, and enabling others to find and visit easily.

Visit from Anywhere
No matter the time, distance, or weather, Monumark allows family and friends to visit the memorial and remember the story.

Keep the Memory Alive
Share the memorial with others, encouraging them to learn, remember, and contribute their own memories and stories.


Let us know if you’d like to know more, or visit to see how it works.

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Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
Michigan Funeral Directors Association
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